Floor fun!

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Floor fun!

Crawling (or at least trying to crawl) is a very exciting time for babies and you can encourage this fun and interest in the new world around him by letting him explore different textures.

Gather a few different textured large items such as a clean welcome door mat, bath mat, towel and fleecy blanket and let him crawl across each surface.

Crawl with your baby and describe each surface as you move over it like “this is a very rough door mat” or “this is a scratchy, fuzzy blanket”, to help baby learn the differences.

Another way to get baby to move and explore the world around him is to place a safe mirror about 25cm in front of him so he can easily see his reflection. Baby will want to get a closer look at himself and will try to move towards the mirror.

You can put his favourite toy just out of reach on the floor and encourage him to move towards it, saying “Come on, come and get teddy”.

At the end of the play you should give the toy to your baby even if he didn’t reach it so that he’ll be happy to try crawling again another day.

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