Sellotape bracelet!

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Sellotape bracelet!

Toddlers are natural explorers! You can encourage this interest in the world around them by helping them make a wearable record of their travels and expeditions! Think of it as a toddler’s take on a charm bracelet.

Next time you are outside walking through the park, or out in the garden, put a piece of transparent tape, sticky side out, loosely on her wrist.

When she finds small items to document her journey, whether its bits of bark, pretty leaves, little flowers like a daisy, or dried pine needles, she can press them onto her special bracelet.

This activity also works inside the house as she collects small toys, stamps from envelopes, hair clips, buttons and anything else that takes her fancy! To complete the bracelet, seal the goodies inside by placing another piece of tape on top.

Later on, you can sit with your little one and look at all the items she has gathered on her travels, name them and say what colour they are and where she discovered them.

Encourage your child to show off her new ‘treasures’ to other family members, like grandma or grandpa, and help her to tell them where she found the items.

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