Can you smell the flowers?

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Can you smell the flowers?

Have you got a fussing toddler? Well get yourself outside as fast as you can!

Take a stroll around the block, and spend time simply smelling the flowers. Or if there’s a park nearby go have a wander there, your little one will love having space to roam around.

Have a chat about the colour of all the flowers that you come across; ask do the bees like to play nearby? You may even be lucky enough to spot a butterfly or some ladybirds if it’s summer time. You can pick a few for “arranging” at home in a vase or jar for display in your toddler’s room.

Let your little one carry a few blooms on the way home, then get them to help you fill up the jar or vase carefully with water. So after your walk together you’ll have a more interesting and fragrant room for your toddler to enjoy.

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