Count me in!

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Count me in!

Here is a very simple yet effective way to introduce numbers and counting as a form of quick play.

Grab a selection of objects closest to you, like spoons from the cutlery drawer, socks or bibs from the washing basket, toothbrushes from the bathroom. Any items will do from whichever room you are in at the time!

Ask your toddler to count the items you provide, helping them just a little bit. Praise them with enthusiastic clapping and cheering.

When you’re in the kitchen you can help your little one grasp the concept of counting by asking her to pick out two crackers and two squares of cheese for her snack.

At mealtime when you’re setting the table, ask her “How many plates will we need for you, me and Daddy?” You can do the same for the knives, forks and spoons.

Whatever way you introduce numbers and counting, make sure she has fun and give her plenty of encouragement!

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