Jelly, jelly

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Jelly, jelly

Want a simple way to introduce colour, texture and science all in one quick and easy task? Then make some jelly.

That’s right, this no-fuss cooking activity will have your toddler fascinated at how the key ingredient starts out as powder or a block, turns into liquid and then hardens in the fridge.

Making the jelly together will open up a chat about your favourite colours and flavours too. Jelly moulds are available from kitchen stores or the bigger supermarkets, and you can even buy individual child-size moulds in animal shapes, letters and numbers to name but a few.

Another idea with the jelly is to add some chopped berries or other fruits like chopped orange segments to the mix. Don’t forget to sing “Jelly on a plate… wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate”.

The great thing about this play is that you and your little one can share some jelly once it’s set! Enjoy.

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