Make a busy bag – Babies


Make a busy bag – Babies

It seems to be the law of babies that the moment you are most busy with something important (like driving!) Is the exact moment they seem to lose interest in everything, A Busy Bag will help you be prepared for those times when you have to wait at the doctor’s office, hairdresser’s, grandmas or a restaurant. The activity should be kept in the car or in the nappy bag so that no matter where you go, even a day at the park, you will be able to entertain your baby when nothing else will work.

Remember to keep it reserved for essential boredom busting times only, to ensure the bag keeps its appeal. The bag itself can be a drawstring bag, a small child’s fabric bag or a children’s backpack. Ideally have a selection of bags, “wow I haven’t seen this red bag before!”, small gift bags are great . The key to keeping the “Busy Bag” forever interesting is to rotate the contents regularly, try keep a box filled with interesting contents (see below) near the front door or in the boot of your car and swap out the items regularly. So what to fill it with? Just about anything small, calm inducing and interesting to your little person will do.

Items great for a baby’s busy bag include:

* A main toy small enough to fit like a favourite rattle
* A small stuffed toy
* Teething ring
* Thick ribbons tied together safely
* Large rubber farm animals, dinosaurs or sea creatures
* Home-made shakers
* Board book or durable plastic bath style book
* Grown up sets of keys, purses, wallets
* Wooden blocks (Just a couple)
* Lightweight torch (for you to operate)
* Small set nesting rings or cups
* Small wooden box with removable lid
* Socks (to make impromptu hand puppets)
* Music making bells or chimes

The list is endless if it’s something new its bound to be interesting! Do let us know of any other filler suggestions

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