My first bag

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My first bag

As you are probably noticing right now, little ones have a keen concept of what belongs to them (even if it doesn’t really) and they are also learning to love the “put it in and then take it out” play as well. Help them keep track of their newly attained goodies (and give them a place to put them) by making this simple fun bag just for them.

You’ll need – a small, plain calico bag with handles (available from craft shops and hobby stores for a couple of euro), some air-drying puff paints, iron-on stencils in interesting pictures or letters of their name, stickers, ribbons and any other decorations you like that will appeal to your child. Consider decorating the bag in a theme they like such as animals, cars, fairies etc.

Spend a little bit of time ironing and sewing the decorations onto the bag and then with the puff paint, write their name on the bag.

Once the paints and any glue used are dry, you can give the bag to your little one. Encourage them to use the bag as a “car trip” bag, store toys in it, or even use as the snack time bag every day.

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