Sticky tape sensation

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Sticky tape sensation

Simple as it may seem, a roll of sticky tape can provide toddlers with a lot of enjoyment.

Collect a few different kinds of colourful plastic tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, and so on. Give your toddler the tape and encourage her to be imaginative with what she wants to do with it.

She may try sticking them together, to herself, to you, or to other objects around the house (you can be the judge of the rules; most masking tapes won’t leave a mark). Maybe write names of household items and go stick them around the house, “My Bed”, “Teddy” or even “Daddy”!

To mix it up a bit, you can get some empty cardboard boxes, cereal boxes or shoe boxes are good, and let your little one loose on it with the sticky tape. Watch her as she mummifies the box in no time!

It’s a great quick and easy game and works as a great distraction when you need one.

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