Where are you purple?

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Where are you purple?

Simple concepts like colours are starting to become easily recognizable for a toddler, so build upon this through playing a colour treasure hunt!

Try this game around your own home, in a shopping centre or anywhere you like when a quick distraction is needed!

Start by choosing a colour, or have your toddler pick one and ask him to find you something nearby in that colour.

Make it a little easier by giving him some hints or help for the first couple of tries. Praise all efforts at looking and then swap roles.

Have your toddler choose a colour for you to look for and off you go, he will love being in charge.

You could also play this like a version of I Spy when travelling in the car, train or bus. You go first and tell them that you see something blue, can they spot it too? For example ‘blue sky’. Then swap around and let your little one give you a colour clue and try to figure out what the mystery object is.

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