Baking time!

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Baking time!

The kitchen offers a variety of ways to teach your toddler a number of skills. Here is a fun (and simple) way to start cooking together.

Find a recipe for biscuits (toddler cook books or the internet have lots). Little ones love to help with the weighing of flour, sugar and cracking the eggs, so encourage them! Of course the best part about mixing the ingredients together is testing the dough and licking your fingers.

When the dough is ready roll it out on a lightly floured surface. Let your toddler do some rolling too. He may even have his own mini-baking set which he can use.

Offer a choice of cookie cutters and show him how to press them into the dough. Place the cut-out cookies on a baking sheet, decorate with sprinkles and bake!

Try to choose cookie cutters that are in shapes he can recognise, and talk about them. Star shapes are always a favourite in my house. You can also point out the different colours in the sprinkles.

Practise counting together as you place them on the baking tray. Then you’ll just have a little while to wait to enjoy some yummy treats!

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