Fun in a tube!

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Fun in a tube!

The humble tennis ball can become emergency fun!

Buy a tube of tennis balls (available in sports stores, toy shops and even supermarkets) and get playing.

The tubes usually have three tennis balls in them and come with a re-usable lid for quick tidying up. Use the balls for rolling in and out of the tubes, kicking, throwing and catching practice.

They can also become numbers or an alphabet game if you use a permanent marker to write on them.

You can also use a sand bucket, plastic bowl or even a saucepan to encourage your little one to ‘score’ by aiming the tennis ball at the bucket.

Don’t worry if they’re way off, it’s all about trying and having fun. Remember to take your turn as well.

If all that target practice gets a bit much, just sit down on the floor and roll it back and forth to each other for your own version of mini-Wimbledon!

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