My feet!

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My feet!

A fun way to change the mood! All you need is bare feet (yours and theirs) and somewhere to stretch your legs.

Lie down on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Say “one, two, three, bang!”, and when you say “bang” lift your legs in the air and tap the soles of your toddler’s feet with your feet. Toddlers learn to anticipate the “bang” and will start trying to coordinate their feet to touch yours.

Talk to your little one about her two feet, 10 toes, big toe, little toe etc. You can sing Where is Big Toe to the tune of Where is Thumbkin.

Encourage her to wiggle her toes, point or stretch them, slide her feet on the ground, walk on her tippy toes and you can even try ‘clapping’ your feet together.

You can also provide some sensory materials for her to feel with her bare feet, such as a mat or rug, spongy cushion, soft felt and talk to her about the different textures.

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