ClapHandies - Terms and Conditions

Here are our terms of service. They don’t take too long to read, we promise! But it’s worthwhile checking them out as it will help make your ClapHandies’ experience all the better.

If you have any queries please contact Aisling or Liza at

What to do if you or your child is ill (non-COVID 19 illness)

We don’t expect you to stay at home for every runny nose. But we do ask you to stay away from PlayLabs if you have any of these conditions: vomiting bug, diarrhoea, chickenpox, impetigo, hand, foot and mouth disease, conjunctivitis or other similar contagious conditions. Please wait until your doctor has given the all-clear before returning to PlayLabs. In the instance of vomiting and diarrhoea your child must be clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending PlayLabs.

What to do if you miss a class

Due to COVID 19 restrictions we are currently unable to offer make-up classes, our plan is to keep the class to a small consistent pods, however we are doing free weekly live sessions on Instagram and Facebook which you can join or watch later on IGTV at any time.

Cancelled classes - where cancelation is not due to Government intervention

We really try not to cancel classes, but from time to time we may not have enough people for your class to start or to finish a term. If this is the case with your class firstly, we will be very very sad, then we will let you know as soon as we can, bearing in mind we may not be able to make this decision until the day before your term is due to start. We will offer you a full refund or a pro-rata refund if one or more classes have already run.

Cancelled classes - where cancellation is due to a pandemic or other government directives.

If we are directed by the government to stop running in person classes or further reduce class sizes then all classes will be transferred online offered via zoom on the same day as your booking. We will not be in a position to offer any refunds or make-up classes this season if we return to a similar lockdown situation as last March 2020. When such lockdown is over and we are able to return to class then the remaining classes in the term will be offered in-person or a new term will commence but no make-ups will be offered for the classes that ran online. We hope you understand but this is the only way we are able to reopen the business this year.

Merged classes

Sometimes we may need to merge the Toddler & Wobbler classes due to low numbers in one or both classes. If you feel the merged class does not suit, or the time change does not suit, we will offer you a full refund or a pro-rata refund if one or more classes have already run.

Postponed classes

From time to time we may need to postpone your class, due to venue availability or a leader’s (or their children’s) illness. We will always endeavour to get a replacement leader but sometimes we may not be able to. In this case we will let you know as soon as possible via text, then by email and then by phone. (Please bear in mind this can be very last-minute). We will schedule the class for the following week and the term will run a week longer.

Refunds will not be offered for classes that have to be postponed unless the postposed classes are unable to be rescheduled then the pro-rata refunds will be arranged.

Adverse weather

ClapHandies does not have to refund lessons missed because of local adverse weather when the venue and environs are safe and accessible and lessons are held. We regret we are unable to offer automatic refunding or rescheduling of lessons due to adverse conditions which may prevent you from attending a scheduled class.


We are happy to refund you in full if you cancel up to three weeks before a term starts.

We are happy to give a 50% refund if you cancel up to one week before term starts. Unless we are able to fill your place then we will give you a full refund.

There are no refunds if you cancel less than one week before the term begins.

Behavioural issues

We recognise that sometimes little ones let their excitement get the better of them. However, rough or disruptive behaviour towards participants and leaders is not allowed. We expect adults to remove children from the play activity until they are able to rejoin calmly.

Safety is our top priority. If a rough physical incident occurs, such as hitting, pulling hair, biting etc, during the PlayLab, we will ask the parents involved to remove the child from the play space to discuss the behaviour with the child.

The following week we will ask the adult to keep a very close eye on the child to ensure it doesn’t happen again. However, if the disruptive behaviour is repeated we will ask that the child take a break from the PlayLabs and perhaps returns in a later term.

If we ask a client to stop coming to the classes we will offer a refund for the remaining classes in the term.

Withdrawal of service

ClapHandies may, at its discretion, refuse to allow a client into its classes if it is felt that the client’s behaviour is unreasonable.


You are responsible for your child’s safety at all times.

We ask that all adults be careful about making sure doors are safely shut, bags are out of reach and buggies parked safely out of the way.

Parental supervision

Parental supervision is a must during the PlayLabs. Children should not be left unsupervised at any time. ClapHandies is not a preschool service, falling under the Preschool Services Regulations 2006. Children remain in the care of their parents at all times when attending PlayLabs.

Second Child

Younger siblings not participating in the class attend for free (ie babies on laps), siblings participating pay a reduced price of 50%.

Please note the 2 child packages are based on one adult attending with two children ie siblings. Each family must buy a separate package.

Thanks for reading. We hope that you and your little one get as much fun out of PlayLabs as we do.